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« am: 07 November, 2005, 00:03 »
Hi everybody,

I'm new in DVBsVCR and feel enthusiast working with it, especially for the multi language streams recording.

Finding channels is tricky but the autosearch function after declaring transponders is great and does the job quite fine.

One disappointment : teletext recording ... maybe I'm wrong somewhere but nothing appears in the PVA or MPEG PS.
Could someone help me... ?
Greetings from France

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« Antwort #1 am: 07 November, 2005, 03:20 »
That's pretty normal, TXT data streams don't belong into PVA or MPG.
For recording that you have to either use TS format, from a software capable to do that, or a PID recorder function (same...).

As you're posting in the DVBsVCR section, I suppose you have an SS1 compatible DVB card. Those cannot do TS format recordings, so you might want to try ProgDVB and the PID recorder that comes with it, but then you will get just one or two PIDs AFAIK, means TXT only. And it will be the raw stream only, no idea what to do with that dat file later on...
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« Antwort #2 am: 07 November, 2005, 23:19 »
Thx for the quick answer.
OK for the point on TS vs PS.

ProgDVB was my favourite before giving a try to DVBsVCR. Compared to DVBsVCR, ProgDVB lacks an easy way to two functions :

*multi stream audio recording,
* scheduled recording via explicit declared tasks in XP scheduler.

I'm using SS1 DVB-C card with Progdvb. Recording Teletext as movie subtitles (.srt text file) is very easy. Record  one language audio track with  optional subtitle ... shake it with Mastroka and you get a nice DVD but only with one langage audio track.

I hoped to find the ideal DVD : 2 audio tracks + subtitles ...