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# Hard-und Software Allgemein / My Family Tree
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My Family Tree is a free genealogy application for Windows. It has been carefully designed to help you quickly create your family tree using a simple and intuitive interface. For those just starting out investigating their family history, it provides an easy way to visualize and share your family tree with photos, stories and basic facts about each person. More experienced genealogists will find full support for citations and evidence and options to transfer data using the GEDCOM file format.


Whats new:>>

    New features and enhancements:

    Updated German translation.


    Minor bug fixes.
# Hard-und Software Allgemein / Glary Utilities
« Letzter Beitrag von SiLæncer am Gestern um 12:00 »
Glary Utilities offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces. You can manage and delete browser add-ons, analyze disk space usage and find duplicate files. You can also view and manage installed shell extensions, encrypt your files from unauthorized access and use, split large files into smaller manageable files and then rejoin them. Furthermore, it includes the options to optimize memory, find, fix, or remove broken Windows shortcuts, manage the programs that start at Windows startup and uninstall softwareu. Other features include secure file deletion, an Empty Folder finder and more.


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# DVBViewer / Re: Menüleiste
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Also ich hab da bei mir auch nix drin außer dem was standartmäßig mit dem DVBV mitkommt...

Die Ordner Video Postprocessor und Audio Postprocessor
# DVBViewer / Re: Menüleiste
« Letzter Beitrag von Schierilei am Gestern um 10:17 »
Danke Habe ich schon versucht-keine Änderung.Habe gelesen man muß im Pluginordner Einträge haben. Aber welche?
Ohne Einträge geht er in der Menüleiste nicht auf.
# Hard-und Software Allgemein / v4.2.15
« Letzter Beitrag von SiLæncer am Gestern um 09:00 »
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# Hard-und Software Allgemein / CherryTree
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CherryTree is a hierarchical note taking application featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.

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# Hard-und Software Allgemein / Process Hacker 3.0.3741 Nightly
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Whats new:>>

Optimization and bugfix for PhGetMappedImageRelocations (#785) by jxy-s
# Hard-und Software Allgemein / Maxthon Beta
« Letzter Beitrag von SiLæncer am Gestern um 08:20 »
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# Hard-und Software Allgemein / NirLauncher 1.23.38
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NirLauncher is a package of more than 200 portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed for NirSoft Web site during the last few years. 

NirLauncher Features

    NirLauncher can be used from USB flash drive without need of any installation.
    NirLauncher and all the utilities in the package are completely freeware, without any Spyware/Adware/Malware. This package doesn't contain any 3-party software, toolbars, Web browser plugins, or other unwanted surprises. It will not install any software on your system and it will not change your Web browser homepage or other settings on your system.
    NirLauncher package includes variety of tools that you may need for your daily computer use, including utilities to recover lost passwords, to monitor your network, to view and extract cookies, cache, and other information stored by your Web browser, to search files in your system, and more...
    For every utility in the package, you can easily run it, view the help file, or jump to the Web page of the utility.
    When using it from USB flash drive, the configuration of every utility is saved into .cfg file on the flash drive.
    On x64 systems, NirLauncher automatically run the x64 version of the utility, when there is a separated x64 version.
    NirLauncher also allows to add more software packages in additional to the main NirSoft package.
    NirLauncher allows you generate plugin files for BartPE (Launcher -> Generate BartPE Plugin Files), so you can easily use the utilities of NirSoft from a bootable live windows CD.


As usual ... kein Changelog ...
Software (PC-Sicherheit) / Alternate Password DB 3.240
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